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May 05, 2016

What is Content Curation?

When you are using content curation, you are trying to find the best content for the subject matter of your site, and passing it on to your site visitors. All it is is looking for good content on which you'll be able to put your own spin. You don't want to be using the same source, but you want various sources, to keep your material appealing. You don't have to limit yourself to articles--you could curate videos, pictures, magazines, etc--just make sure you give credit to the original sources.

If you curate, you don't publish the entire piece on your site; you just publish a portion of it. Then


May 05, 2016

Handy Computer Tips for The Newbie User

Unfortunately, one downside to the internet is that it is fraught with potential hazards for the newbie. Those who are very new or do not spend much time on the net are susceptible to walking into a landmine with a virus, etc.

A virus can seriously affect how your computer operates which bring us to the subject of performance, as well. All that is needed is to get educated about what you can do, and you have to be aware of what happens after months of use. In this article, we will review several computer tips that will give you more control over your user experience.

One curious aspect of computers